It’s a whole new year…

Let’s get serious for the first post of 2012, but not too serious…

I’ve been working on some new projects in e-publishing and those should be coming online during the month of January. I’ve got a trio of books under a super secret pen name that will only be made public if they start to sell. Here are the titles of the ‘books’ that are for sale on right now:
Cheap Tequila
Free Candy
Randagrams and Anagrams – Geography Edition
Randagrams and Anagrams – Food and Drink Edition

I put together the files to sell Cheap Tequila and Floating as actual paperback books, but the Randagram books wouldn’t really translate well to a hard copy.

I’m going to try to commit to keeping things lively here on the blog, and maybe even setting up another under a pseudonym I might use for some alternate genres. I didn’t really do any massive marketing in 2011 for the ebooks and I’ve been a little slower on production that I had hoped, but I’m going to be a speed demon in Twenty-Twelve!

My commissions for all ebook sales on Amazon this year were $99.48, which is more than zero dollars. With some luck and some concerted strategy about the types of stories/projects to sell, I’m going to increase that quite a bit.

Wish me luck!

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