Which came first?

Free Candy VanWhile not strictly a new release, I did re-release this story with a new title and a shiny new cover. I swear that I wrote the book before I ever saw anything about the Free Candy Van meme.
I rewrote a few chapters, trying to stay on the quirky side of the situation. There are still some mildly sexy scenes and at least one dead body in the book, but now it’s safe for kids! Well, maybe not.

This story takes place in Seattle with one side trip to Ocean Shores. I’ve been working on some side writing projects that are elsewhere, but I shall be editing three new longer form stories in the next month!

On the business side, I was able to increase my take a bit. I made the same amount in January from book sales as I did for all of 2011! I hope to keep the curving pointing in the right direction.

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