Free Candy

It’s a crazy story about some hipsters in Seattle!

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Steven and Marie are just holding off the bill collectors with their assortment of part time jobs and goofy business plans.

Sheila Jackson works on the waterfront, driving an amphibious vehicle around the sights of the city.

Suzi Hashimoto is a dentist, but she really wants to known for her creative taxidermy.

Now there’s a big maroon van driving around town with FREE CANDY spray painted on the side.

Is there something in the water?

Nestled in between the cold, gray waters of Puget Sound and the dark green wrinkles in the earth, Seattle is often shrouded in mist and rain. All that moisture has a way of getting under your skin, or invading your thoughts. Some people can take it, some folks can’t. The short, dark days and long nights of the rainy season push those folks too far. The perfect summers beneath the bluest skies you’ve ever seen can even help tilt a mind past the point of no return.

Of course when you’re normal, you don’t think about the weather like that, but who’s normal anyway? With all the bluffs and high rise condo towers in the city, lots of people think that all that rain looks pretty good when it finally pools into the lakes and runs into Puget Sound. When you’re floating face down in the ship canal, you don’t get to continue the debate about where normal stops and crazy starts.

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