Flowers from the Hilo Zoo

I know it’s actually the Panaewa Zoo, but anyway…

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Self Publishing Update

It’s been a while since I’ve peeped on the blog, so here’s some new information….

I’ve been able to stay a little more focused on writing for the first third of the year, except for April… Let’s not talk about April. Without adding in my sales on Smashwords, B&N and all the foreign sites, I was able to rake in quite a bit more than I did in 2011. I know, 99 bucks wasn’t hard to beat, but it was a start.

My sales peaked in March when I was putting out a short story every 5 days or so. I got my $299 payout for the month of March a few days ago and it lit a fire under my writing chair.

Here’s a tip for all of you e-pubbers out there –

Keep writing! Seriously, that’s the key. Good covers work, good blurbs work, all that social marketing helps, but more product helps the most. Don’t worry, amazon won’t run out of ASIN’s any time soon.

Starting in June, I’m going to commit to 1700 words a day. Minimum. It will be a constant NANOWRIMO session for me for six months. I don’t know how many words I’ve churned out so far this year, but by Dec 31st it will be at least 300,000. It’s not that hard for me to get 2,000 decent words in a session, but after reading Rachel Aaron‘s post, that feels anemic.

For any of you that aren’t into my alter ego’s short stories (ask if you really want to know), I have 3 longer works that are in the editing phase. I’m going to get those polished up by the end of July, even if that means I have to drink more coffee!

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Data Destruction

No Mo Data
This is what happens when you find more receipts for your taxes…

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